Hebbville Cemetery originally a private Cemetery established in 1880 was donated to the trustees of Hebbville Cemetery in 1914 by W. A. Hebb and his wife Letitia. It is located on Route 3 near Indian Garden Farms. Gerald Hebb donated another parcel of land with the help of Lloyd Hebb, Larry Lunn and Laurie Croft which doubled the size of the Cemetery.

The upkeep of the Cemetery is taken care of by the trustees on a voluntary basis. Cemetery lots are available for the people of Hebbville and their families. Traditional lots are $ 300.00 and cremation lots are $150.00.

At present the trustees are Ivan Weagle, Lem Hebb, Warren Croft, Glen Hebb and Walter Ramey. Help in keeping the Cemetery neat and tidy is always welcome and much appreciated. Special mention for Laurie Croft for 20 years of volunteering with the upkeep of the Cemetery.

For information on lots call Lemual Hebb at 543-6131.

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