Centre scolaire de la Rive Sud

Centre scolaire de la Rive Sud provides education in French for students from primary to grade 12 and connects their programming with other francophone schools in the province. It is located close-by in the community of Cookville.

20 chemin Petite Évangéline
Cookville, Nova Scotia B4V 8Z9
Tel: (902) 527-5110

A large English-speaking P-9 school, Hebbville Academy is located in the heart of our community. The school has an enrollment of approximately 700 students and a staff of 67 (including support staff). It services Hebbville and its surrounding communities. Students from Newcombville Elementary join the student body at the Grade 5 level and the feeder schools of Petite RiviÈre and Pentz enroll at the Grade 7 level.

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